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Hair & Nail Disease

Just like with the skin, so too can our hair and nails be riddled with dermatological conditions. Often, factors like age, wear, hormones, genetics, nutrition, and pollution can impact the quality of our nails and hair. Immediate treatment can help and keep our hair and nails healthy.

Common hair conditions

Alopecia: Alopecia is a dermatological condition which is characterized by excessive hair loss. The hair may shed steadily over a long period of time, such as in male or female pattern hair loss. In some cases, like with Alopecia Areata, the hair may be lost in patches and occur rather quickly on the scalp. In other cases, as seen with Alopecia Universalis, the entire body may lose all it’s hair.

Trichotillomania: Classified as a psychological condition, Trichotillomania creates a desire in the patient to pull out his own hair. This constant tearing out of one’s own hair can damage the hair follicles in the scalp, permanently destroying the scalp’s ability to grow hair.

Male and female patterned baldness: Factors such as age, hormones, and pollution often result in hair thinning as time passes. Hair fall is mild but continuous.

Exosome: The Ultimate Hair Restoration

Experience the ultimate non-surgical solution for hair loss with Exosome Hair Restoration. This innovative procedure involves injecting purified exosomes into the scalp, stimulating cellular regeneration, and promoting healthier hair follicles. With minimal downtime, visible results can be expected within two to three months. Enjoy fuller, thicker hair and renewed confidence with Exosome Hair Restoration. Say goodbye to hair loss worries and hello to natural, long-lasting results.

Woman After Hair Restoration Treatment

Common nail conditions

Onycholysis: This is a condition where the nail separates from the nail bed and becomes loose. This occurs when the nail is subjected to an injury or an infection. The nail then turns yellowish-green and a throbbing pain is usually experienced.

Onychomycosis: Fungal infection is common in nails which are exposed to extremely damp conditions. The nails turn white and become opaque and brittle. Nail breakage is common here.

Ingrown toenail: Occurring when the toenail has been improperly cut, ingrown toenails are characterized by the nail growing inward and digging into the skin.

Trachyonychia: Here, the nails change texture and become rough like sandpaper. Long, white lines characterize the condition.

La Jolla Dermatology and Laser Surgery Center

Dr. Azadeh Shirazi is arguably one of the best dermatologists in La Jolla and she is well equipped and experienced in providing quality nail and hair care treatments. With extensive experience in both invasive and non-invasive procedures, she also specializes in the Plasma Protein Rich treatment which is designed to improve hair growth and nail quality

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