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Tattoo Removal

Interested in the revisal or removal of your body art? We understand that not all ink is wanted. Thankfully, an all-natural, non-laser tattoo removal system is here- Tatt2Away.

New Revolutionary Treatment

Whether it’s second thoughts about your body art or an eyebrow tattoo, there’s a new removal treatment. Tatt2Away involves a revolutionary new procedure called Trans Epidermal Pigment Release (TEPR).

How It Works

After light abrasion of the skin, a proprietary fluid is injected into the tattoo pigment. The fluid breaks down the ink and a scab will form over the treated area. When the scab falls off it takes the tattoo pigment with it leaving smooth pink skin that eventually turns skin color.


One Tatt2Away session is able to remove 35% of your tattoo’s visible pigment. The proof is in the before-and-afters. A full removal of an average-sized tattoo typically takes 3-5 sessions depending on factors like body location and depth.

Why Tatt2Away?

Laser Tattoo removal is cool and fancy, but it’s more painful, takes 10+ sessions with not so great of results because it leaves behind the outline of the tattoo. We’re excited to offer a treatment that removes the ink completely from the skin and the body with 2-4 sessions yielding better cosmetic results than lasers.

Take the next step towards tattoo removal

To learn more and book a consultation at our med spa, please email us at or call us at 858-456-3992.


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