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Laser Vein Removal

Are you bothered by unsightly spider veins that have started appearing on your legs? Are you less prone to wearing dresses and shorts due to changes in the appearance of your legs?

Get rid of unwanted suffering and embarrassment

Spider veins are a common problem that can result in pain and discomfort, not to mention making one more reticent and withdrawn in certain social situations where less clothing may be the appropriate attire. There is no reason to let this condition result in an altered lifestyle or a lessening of who you are and what you might enjoy doing. Dr. Azadeh Shirazi, MD at La Jolla Dermatology and Laser Surgery Center is a highly experienced medical practitioner, offering top tier solutions to these conditions through the use of laser vein removal.

Dr. Shirazi provides couture, totally personalized, treatments. The center is equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment to handle a wide range of medical and cosmetic conditions.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are medically known as venulectasias or telangiectasia. They are visible as little red, purple or blue threads just below the skin surface and resemble a spider’s web. Sustained and increased pressure on the veins often causes spider veins. When the legs are affected, the condition is called varicose veins characterized by dilated purplish-blue veins on legs. The other parts of the body that can be affected by spider veins include the face, ankles, buttocks, and thighs.

Varicose veins can occur in women of all age groups but the risks can increase during pregnancy due to increased weight and pressure on the legs. Spider veins can also be caused by hormonal fluctuations, rapid fluctuations in weight, genetics, a sedentary lifestyle or prolonged standing as is required in some professions. Varicose veins make it difficult for women to wear certain short dresses or expose their legs. Traditionally these veins were treated with compression stockings or other drastic options, such as a surgery called vein stripping that required hospitalization. Laser spider vein removal offers the most convenient non-surgical way to get rid of unsightly veins on any part of the body.

What is laser spider vein removal?

Lasers allows for quick, safe and efficient removal of spider veins whether on the face or legs. As laser vein removal is a minimally invasive procedure, it does not require anesthesia or painkiller injections. The treatment takes twenty minutes or less depending on the extent and size of the veins that need to be addressed.

The treatment consists of passing laser light through the area of the skin that has spider veins. The laser energy destroys the dilated veins while leaving the surrounding healthy veins and tissues intact. The laser light is absorbed by the blood which then heats up to destroy the veins completely. The result is the disappearance of the veins. The surgeon uses a handheld device that has a cooling tip to minimize any discomfort during the procedure. The type of laser used is normally the Nd: YAG laser system although other systems could be used as well depending on individual needs.

Am I a candidate?

Generally, a healthy adult with visible spider veins on any part of the body is a good candidate. Some people with clotting or bleeding disorders or those in whom keloid scars tend to form are not suitable candidates.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Shirazi at La Jolla Dermatology and Laser Surgery Center will evaluate your complete medical and allergy history to determine your candidacy for laser vein removal.

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Is there any downtime?

When performed by a qualified surgeon, there is very little risk of complications or unpleasant side effects. Recovery is also faster because there is no use of injections or narcotics. Normally, patients who undergo laser vein removal do not experience any downtime and are able to resume their normal activities and work after the procedure.

Any minor bruising that is experienced gradually disappears in a week’s time. In very rare instances swelling of the area may occur for which compression garments are prescribed. These and other complications only occur when the procedure is incorrectly performed by inexperienced professionals.

Long-lasting results

Laser vein removal at our Dermatology and Laser Surgery Center offers near permanent and excellent results with the veins disappearing, leaving behind a clearer skin surface. If veins are on the face, the treatment results in smoother and younger looking skin. The veins are permanently treated yet the treatment can’t prevent new veins from occurring in the future

If you would like to know more about laser vein removal, feel free to give us a call or schedule a consultation today.


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