Vaginal Enhancement & Vaginal Rejuvenation

With the advancement of technology and the treatment options available today, more women, physicians, and the media are beginning to talk about vaginal enhancement and rejuvenation.

Why is vaginal enhancement and rejuvenation needed?

It is estimated that up to 60% of post-menopausal women experience vaginal discomfort and atrophy. As we age, the lubrication in our vaginal tissue reduces, the vaginal muscle and tone weaken, the soft tissues and erotic sensations decrease, and the mucosa begins to dry out. This can lead to significant pain and discomfort, especially during urination and sexual intercourse. Vaginal enhancement and rejuvenation treatments are worthy of consideration to improve the vaginal canal and strengthen the tissue integrity. These minimally-invasive procedures are designed to repair and rejuvenate the vagina and help women experience relief from vaginal discomfort and dryness.

What causes vaginal discomfort?

Vaginal laxity and lack of lubrication may be poorly recognized and under reported by many women. These symptoms may result in decreased sexual satisfaction and loss of sensation with intercourse. Vaginal laxity is frequently due to pregnancy and vaginal delivery as the vaginal muscles and skin can stretch and be traumatized by childbirth, especially with multiple pregnancies. In addition, the aging process and changes in hormonal climate can cause loss of lubrication to further contribute to the discomfort. This loss of lubrication can make sexual intercourse painful.

Vaginal rejuvenation and enhancement

Vaginal rejuvenation and enhancement procedures can be performed to treat the following conditions:

  • Improve the physical appearance of the vagina
  • Strengthen the vaginal walls
  • Reduce vaginal dryness
  • Increase the elasticity of the vagina
  • Restore volume and soft tissue in the inner and outer the labia
  • Create greater definition
  • Increase in sensitivity during sexual intercourse, thereby improving performance and increasing pleasure
  • Reduction in pain, discomfort, and bleeding during sexual intercourse

These treatments are recommended for women who are experiencing vagianl discomfort symptoms. Over time, age and hormonal changes may cause the vaginal muscles to lose tone and weaken, leading to a host of cosmetic and health concerns. There are ways to address these concerns and restore vaginal health.

Candidates for vaginal rejuvenation and enhancement are any women in good physical health and for whom vaginal laxity and discomfort are a challenging problem.

How does Laser and RF vaginal rejuvenation work?

Radiofrequency devices, such as ThermiVa, use bulk heating to stimulate and remodel collagen for vaginal tightening. Whereas, lasers such as the diVa, FemTouch, FemiLift, and MonaLisa use ablative and nonablative laser beams to resurface the tissue resulting in cell rejuvenation, tissue regrowth, and coagulation which leads to smoothing, tightening, and renewing the vaginal tissue. The diVa laser also causes the vaginal mucosa to tighten. The treatments are painless and multiple treatments are required for optimal results.

What is labiaplasty?

Women may have surgical correction of the external portions of the vagina to enhance the appearance or correct asymmetry and symptoms. If you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your external genitalia, particularly the labia or the lips, surgical correction is an option. There are 2 external labias, or lips, called the labia minora on the inside or the labia majora on the outside. These can be elongated early in life or may become stretched with time. This elongation can cause discomfort from tugging of the labia during intercourse or bike riding leading to itching, irritation, and self-consciousness.

The goal of a labiaplasty is to reduce the labia minora so they don’t hang below the hair bearing labia majora. This procedure may also be performed to reduce asymmetry when one side is longer than the other. This is an effective procedure to reduce the length of the labia so that they no longer twist, tug, or fall out of a bathing suit.

The labia majora may also be enhanced with the use of fillers in women that feel like they have lost volume due to aging or weight loss. The labia majora, the outer lips, may be enhanced by the placement of one’s own fat or a filler to re-create a more youthful and full labia majora.

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