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More than just a membership

skinBRIGHT™ is a highly customized skin program designed based on each individual’s unique skin type and concern. Our goal is to enhance and restore your skin’s natural glow. This program exclusively designed by our nationally renowned, board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Shirazi, incorporates an at home skin care regimen coupled with customized office-based treatments based on real science and true dermatologic expertise.

Comprehensive program of customized skin care coupled with in office treatments.

In today’s beauty industry there are so many skin care lines and marketed procedures that it’s difficult to know the best skin care regimen and treatment for you. The skin is the largest organ in the body and it’s more complex than what most people realize. Facial aging and certain genetic skin traits can make it even more difficult to choose what’s best for you. The best approach is to establish a close relationship with a cosmetic dermatologist that can guide your skin through every decade of life. There is no one best laser or product for all. Our skin is a dynamic organ, and our bodies are not static. We all have unique skin traits and aging needs so your skin deserves a unique approach to reach YOUR best results.

Board-certified dermatologists specializing in cosmetics are the true experts to guide you on your skin rejuvenation journey. Dr. Azadeh Shirazi has the medical knowledge and training in addition to an artistic vision to define the procedures and skincare regimens that will make YOU look your best at every age. This is why she developed the skinBRIGHT™ program.

How it works

skinBRIGHT™ is a year long program starting with an initial consultation to evaluate and review your current skin regimen, your medical history, and your past history of cosmetic procedures. After this in depth evaluation, Dr. Shirazi will devise a year long plan with visits every 2-3 months to monitor your skin’s progress in reaching your aesthetic goals.

Your skin regimen and treatment course may vary throughout the year and will be adjusted and fine-tuned with each visit. Dr. Shirazi is known for using multiple different lasers and technologies for different skin findings, often times in the same session. She truly believes in customizing every treatment.

This comprehensive customized program consists of the following:

•Restoring volume lost with age and reducing fine lines
•Improving skin texture and tone
•Evening out skin color
•Pore Reduction
•Skin rejuvenation and tightening
•At-home Skincare routine


Fly-in Program

Taking care of your needs, making you feel at home, away from home.

Are you from out of town but looking for the best? We offer an exclusive “out of town patient” program. Set up and established to provide for all your needs while you’re away from home, our concierge services will ensure complete care and a comfortable, safe experience. You can even travel with your family.



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